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Utah National Guardsmen racked up more than 5,000 hours in helping eliminate a maintenance backlog during a three-week summer camp at this U.S. Army installation.

Members of the 115th Maintenance Company from Camp Williams spent 21 days ending Saturday assigned to the Equipment Maintenance Center in Kaiserslautern, about 100 miles southwest of Frankfurt.They were the first of six reserve components that will participate in the new program this year. Other units will come from Texas, Kentucky, Oregon, Michigan and South Dakota.

The Utah unit was selected for the program partly because it was scheduled to train outside the United States this year and partly because of its degree of readiness to mobilize and complete a war-time mission.

"This was a good program," said Capt. Alan Braithwaite, the commander of the 115th. "The best thing about it was that we got training for everyone in either their primary or secondary" military occupational specialty.

The Utahns were assigned to completely rebuild eight 2.5-ton and two 5-ton trucks. The vehicles and thousands like them are in a salvage yard at the general support center and cannot be repaired at the unit level.