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Some of the acts of terrorism that Hatch said Rashid has committed against Americans include:

- On Aug. 11, 1982, Rashid allegedly planted a bomb on a Pan Am flight that he boarded in Hong Kong. He left the plane in Tokyo, and the bomb exploded on the continuation flight to Honolulu. It killed one passenger, but the pilot was able to land the plane, saving 284 lives.- Two weeks later, another bomb was found aboard a Pan Am jet in Rio de Janeiro. FBI experts said the ingredients matched those of the earlier bomb.

- In December 1983, CIA agents in Greece found a suitcase containing a bomb set to go off as a plane gained altitude, similar to the bomb that exploded in a Pan Am aircraft recently over Lockerbie, Scotland.

- On April 2, 1986, May Mansur - allegedly acting under the supervision of Rashid - planted a bomb on a Trans World Airlines flight to Athens. It exploded, ripping a hole in the plane that sucked out four Americans to their deaths.