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Efforts by Rep. Tom Christensen, R-Venice, to get a bus route established between Salt Lake City and Richfield have received the support of the Sevier County Commission.

Commissioners told Christensen a letter would be forwarded to the Utah Public Service Commission recommending that Greyhound establish the route.Greyhound officials, however, want assurance of county support and a guarantee that the company won't lose money if routes were changed.

Christensen said the bus service would serve a population of about 18,000 people in Sevier and southern Sanpete counties. Bus service was abandoned by Continental Trailways a couple of years ago. Greyhound currently only operates an east-west route through Richfield on I-70.

Christensen has proposed that the bus line's Los Angeles to Salt Lake City route on I-15 be changed to leave that freeway at Cove Fort and proceed through Richfield, Salina and Gunnison en route to Nephi and Salt Lake City three days weekly. The route through Fillmore would be continued on other days.

Greyhound officials don't appear enthusiastic about the idea. They say the route through Sevier and Sanpete counties would be 20 miles longer and that half of the distance is in the 55 mph zone, meaning drivers would have to drive 30 to 40 minutes longer.