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Television evangelist Jim Bakker's efforts to rebuild his ministry will be centered in a nearly deserted shopping center where he has moved his headquarters.

Bakker and his wife, Tammy, broadcast their show live Monday from their new studio in a boarded-up department store. During the show, Bakker stepped over shards of glass and wire hung loose overhead.Outside, a protester carried a sign that read "Just Say No. Keep Our City Clean" and said he didn't want the Bakkers in Orlando.

"I think it's so wrong," said Frankie Skinner, 23, of Orlando. "They shouldn't get another chance."

Local officials raised another possible objection Monday, announcing that the Bakkers had not applied for an occupational license to operate their headquarters from the shopping center, and ordering building inspectors to visit the shopping center today.

Yet Bakker said he was satisfied with the move.