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Retired Air Force Gen. Ramon Agosti on Monday became the first military junta member sentenced to prison for human rights crimes to regain his freedom.

Agosti completed his 45-month prison sentence for human rights crimes on April 29, but he was not freed until Monday because prosecutors are trying him for another case - his role in the overthrow of former President Isabel Peron in 1976.The Federal Appeals Court ruled that Agosti could be freed because they were convinced that he was not a threat to constituted authorities while the sedition charges against him are pending.

Agosti, 64, received the lightest of five prison sentences leveled against former junta members who were convicted of being responsible the deaths or torture of 9,000 political prisoners between 1976 and 1979.

Ex-president Gen. Jorge Videla and former navy commander Adm. Eduard Massera received life sentences. Former president Gen. Roberto Viola received an 18-year sentence.