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Members of the faculty of the newly organized Meridian School, the successor to the Waterford School, will be introduced at a meeting May 9 at the school.

Details of Meridian's academic and extracurricular programs will also be available at the 7 p.m. meeting. Meridian School is a non-profit organization, serving children from age 3 to grade 12.According to Hal Miller, the school's interim head, "The new school will be closely modeled after Waterford, maintaining a tradition of high academic expectations in a strong liberal arts and sciences curriculum, enriched by the integrated use of advanced educational technology."

The major difference between Meridian and Waterford, which closes in June, will be in the school's governance, Miller said. Meridian's board of trustees is a volunteer group of parents with children at the school.

"Our desire is to establish a parent-governed school that will make a vital, responsible contribution to education excellence in Utah Valley."

Tuition discounts for large families and the availability of scholarships will be discussed at the meeting. The meeting will be at 931 E. Third North and is open to the public. For information call 375-3029.