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Gov. Norm Bangerter has turned down the Cache County Council's nomination of state Rep. Stephen Bodily, R-Lewiston, to the Bear River Task Force.

County Executive Bruce King said he is working to change the governor's mind but has been told Bangerter is unlikely to do so.King said he was told by Bangerter staff member Dave Hansen that the governor doesn't have a personal problem with Bodily but believes the 22-member panel - which already has five House and four Senate members - has sufficient legislative representation.

Nonetheless, King defended Bodily's selection.

"Our council is of the belief that we happen to have chosen a man who is an excellent state representative, but he is also a citizen of Cache County and one very well-qualified to represent our water interests," King said.

Rep. Evan Olsen, R-Young Ward, already has been appointed to the task force.

But King said that because Olsen is from the south end of the county, Bodily would have provided a good geographical balance.

The only other task force member from Cache County is Jay Bagley of the Utah State University water laboratory.

Bodily, too, said he sees no problem with his serving on the panel.

"I am a part-time legislator but a full-time resident of the county and I can see no way my being in the Legislature can interfere with my ability to be an open-minded member of the group," he said.