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On June 10, on any public water with fish, new and veteran anglers will be able to drop a line and fish for free. It will be Free Fishing Day in Utah. Free, that is, in the respect that no fishing license will be required.

This will be the second try at holding a day when Utahns can fish without a license. Last year's day was called very successful. It allowed many parents to introduce fishing to youngsters, and allowed many to become re-introduced to the sport.Along with free fishing, the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management will offer free camping the evening of June 9, and the Division of Parks and Recreation will offer free camping at its parks on June 10th.

At several locations around the state there will be special fishing clinics being presented. A schedule of activities will be published in Tuesday's Deseret News.

While fishermen will not be required to have a fishing license, they will be required to abide by all other fishing laws and regulations, including daily limits on fish.


MINERSVILLE OUTLET CLOSED - The outlet channel immediately below Minersville Reservoir Dam has been closed to fishing. The closure is necessary to protect fish that are congregating in the area below the dam. Water spilling from Minersville is moving spawning cutthroat trout from the reservoir into the stream where they are vulnerable to fishermen and poachers using illegal fishing methods.


STRAWBERRY DAY SET - As part of Free Fishing Day, there will be a Strawberry Recreation Day on June 10. The day will feature fishing demonstrations, mountain biking, photo instruction, hot air ballooning, boating, sailing demonstrations and horseback riding. For information call 654-0470 or 654-1143.


CATCH AND RELEASE BROCHURE - Most fishermen know how to catch, but not all know how to release fish, says Utah Division of Wildlife Resources officers who conducted a hook mortality study. Officers found an alarming percentage of trout released by anglers, especially bait fishermen, later died because of injury or stress.

To help improve the odds, the DWR has produced a new brochure that shows how to release fish.

The brochure, available at all DWR offices and some fishing shops, tells how to play and handle fish to insure survival. With more Utah waters converting to artificial lures and flies, and restricting limits to maximize and diversify fishing opportunities, proper catch-and-release methods have become important.