Texas Treasurer Ann Richards, displaying the biting wit that marked her keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention last summer, announced Saturday she will run for governor.

The Texas economy needs new leadership after a long downslide fueled by oil and real estate busts, Richards told about 1,000 supporters at the state Capitol."You know, Sam Rayburn used to say that any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a carpenter to build one," Richards said, quoting the powerful former House speaker from Texas.

Richards, who would be the state's second woman governor in 55 years, said she wanted the job "because I believe that it is time and because of all the things I've stood for all of my life."

Richards gained notoriety in her convention speech in Atlanta in July when she attacked Republican policies, saying, "That dog won't hunt."

The pithy state treasurer's declaration that then-Vice President George Bush was born with a silver foot in his mouth prompted Bush to send her a silver foot pin, which Richards' wore when the president addressed the Legislature earlier this year.

The treasurer is expected to face Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox in a bitter fight for the Democratic nomination.