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Weber State College senior Ray Eldard has joined the Deseret News staff as a summer intern and will work as a general assignment reporter.

Eldard, whose previous experience includes two years as a stand-up comedian, stumbled into journalism when he began writing a weekly satire column for The Signpost, the Weber State student newspaper."It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the Fourth Estate," he said, "so I changed my major for the fifth and last time, then went home to convince my wife that taking a cut in pay after graduation wasn't necessarily a bad thing."

Eldard has since worked as assistant editor of the opinion page and as senior reporter for the student newspaper.

Eldard said he's always considered the Deseret News to be the best newspaper in the state.

"I hope that after graduation I can go to work for a paper of the same quality and reputation as the Deseret News," he said. "If somewhere in the middle of all that I can manage to write the great American novel or syndicate a column, fine. If not, my kids can put themselves through school."