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QUESTION: My cholesterol is on the low side, but my good cholesterol is also low. My doctor is a bit concerned. I'm practically a vegetarian now, so there's not much I can give up. What next? - W.A.

ANSWER: Exercise. You can increase the level of good cholesterol with aerobic exercise. In fact, just jogging 10 miles a week can bring a significant rise. That's only a mile and a half a day. See the cholesterol booklet for more. Order by writing to Dr. Donohue/No.5, P.O. Box 19660, Irvine, CA 92713, enclosing a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope and $2.QUESTION: I am a woman of 50. I have been doing aerobic exercise for three years. I loved it. My feet did not. I have had to stop for this reason. My former instructor called me to get me to join her new, low-impact dance class. I wonder, will it hurt my joints, and secondly, will it do any aerobic good for me? - Mrs. R.U.

ANSWER: The chief benefit from low-impact exercise is that it imposes less trauma for joints. In this exercise, you always have one foot on the floor. There is no bouncing and jouncing. Unless your feet are really in bad shape, it should not damage them. But they'll be the first to complain.

If your instructor knows what she's doing, the program should help. You must keep moving at a fast pace to make up for the general lack of intensity in standard aerobic dancing. Vigorous arm movements are an example of techniques for increasing intensity. And, as always, the heart rate measures the success of any aerobic exercise.

FOR E.B. - Indian arm wrestling can cause ligament tears and dislocations. It imposes great force on the upper and lower arms, which act as the levers, the elbow as the fulcrum. I have seen fractures result. Another thought. Your elbow pain could be from inflammation of a bursa there. Why don't you try padding your elbow, if that is allowed? I can't see where it would give anyone any special advantage. Let your opponent wear one too.

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