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Jill Fairbanks wanted to show off her back yard, so she invited 100 of her best friends to come on over.

She's a sociable kind of gal, that Jill, and she lives in a sociable kind of place. West Jordan is the home of the good neighbor, you know.So Fairbanks strung a 40-foot banner across the front of her house, rolled out a red carpet, blew up 100 balloons, then invited a couple of local comedians and Chroma, a rock 'n' roll band, to provide Friday evening's entertainment.

But some of the guests might be a little confused about who is actually hosting this shindig. You see, Fairbanks won a party through a local radio station's promotion. Then she returned the favor.

Hans Petersen, KLCY FM personality, said the Fairbanks' party is one of eight the radio station is giving away this summer. "This lady here, Jill Fairbanks, has kind of matched us bounty for bounty."

The radio station is providing a hamburger and hot dog barbecue, complete with all the trimmings. Petersen said Fairbanks was selected when she sent the station a series of clever notes in the form of a jukebox, promising to throw the station a party. And she delivered everything she promised, including the huge banner - "We love you KLCY 94.1" - that lets everyone in the neighborhood know what's going on.