The scientific community may still be deciding whether such a thing as cold fusion exists. But in a Provo Mexican restaurant, there's no longer any doubt.

Cold fusion has been achieved in the kitchen of Craig Witham, owner of Los Hermanos Mexican Restaurant, 16 West Center Street."We fuse mango and orange juices with real strawberries, charge it all with a touch of lemon-lime and presto, nuclear power!" Witham said with a smile. Witham admits that the drink has a couple of secret ingredients but said that palladium is not one of them.

Claiming the drink results in nuclear power may be stretching things a bit, but Witham said Cold Fusion, the tropical-tasting speciality drink he invented about a month ago, has turned out to be as big a hit.

"One night we sold 55 Cold Fusion drinks in two hours," Witham said. "We've been working for years on the experiment and finally got results about the same time Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann did. It's generating lots of energy."

Monetary energy, that is.