Juab County Commissioner Richard Brough has backed away from a threat to cut Sheriff Dave Carter's budget, but Brough has made two proposals regarding a complaint from 31 Eureka residents seeking dismissal of a deputy sheriff in the Eureka area.

Brough's suggestions, approved by the County Commission, are that the sheriff pay for expenses resulting from further problems related to Deputy Glen Wilde and that an investigative report prepared by Rhead Richards, retired FBI special agent, be released.Carter drew Brough's ire earlier when the sheriff refused to fire Wilde.

Brough, a Republican, had proposed a budget cut for the sheriff's department. He was backed by Commission Chairman Joseph Bernini, a Democrat, but was opposed by Commissioner Jim Garrett, also a Democrat.

Then in a recent commission meeting, 61 supporters of the Sheriff's Department applauded as members of the group made statements in favor of Carter and his department. Carter was re-elected two years ago with the largest margin in recent Juab County politics.

Monday, Brough said, "I am not going to ask for the sheriff's budget to be curtailed." He said it is "kind of hard to defend" himself against 61 people. Carter faced a similar sentiment at a March commission meeting when 31 Eureka residents wanted Deputy Glen Wilde fired.

Brough's proposal that costs related to the controversy come out of the sheriff's budget says, "Any future costs or encumbrances incurred by Juab County during the next 18 months, as a direct result of the lack of law enforcement in a given matter, or as a result of the controversy surrounding a current deputy sheriff shall be assigned to the sheriff's departmental budget for payment thereof."

Garrett dissented in the commission's 2-1 vote to approve that move.

Releasing Richards' report may be a problem.

Richards asked that his report not be released, Carter said, and County Attorney Don Eyre Jr. said only parts could be released.

Nevertheless, Garrett agreed to vote with the other two commissioners for the release of the report as long as it is legal to do so.