A ride attendant and four patrons at Lagoon suffered a minor electrical shock Monday afternoon when a short circuit sent an electric current through a metal fence, Lagoon officials said.

The 18-year-old attendant was taken to Humana Hospital Davis North where he was examined and discharged, according to Lagoon spokesman Dick Andrew. The four patrons received only a minor shock and filled out an incident report at the Lagoon security office, Andrew said.The incident occurred about 3 p.m. when the solder connecting an electric wire to a service box apparently broke, Andrew said. The wire came loose, touching the box, which caused a short circuit, he said.

The power, which Andrew said was a 110-volt current - the equivalent of household electrical current - shorted into a metal restraining fence around the Roc-O-Plane ride. The four patrons received a shock when they touched the fence, Andrew said, and the ride attendant was also shocked when he went to help them.

Lagoon's on-duty emergency medical technicians noted the ride attendant appeared "shaken or upset," Andrew said, and called for an ambulance for him.