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Alta View Hospital

ANDERSON, Brian and Annette, Riverton, boy.

BUTLER, Weston and Wendy, Bluffdale, boy.

CALDWELL, Todd and Shannon, Riverton, boy.

CHAKRABARTI, M.K., and Seemita, Salt Lake City, boy.

RAWLINGS, Douglas and Jeralee, Salt Lake City, boy.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BAUCOM, William and Julie, Salt Lake City, girl.

BROWN, Jimmy A., and Valeree L., Salt Lake City, boy.

BUTLER, John V., and Marjorie S., Salt Lake City, girl.

CRAWFORD, Brian D., and Dana R., Salt Lake City, girl.

EDDINGTON, Karl A., and Jeri K., Midvale, girl.

ENGLAND, Brad and Mary B., Salt Lake City, boy.

FORSGREN, Kirk and Linda M., Salt Lake City, girl.

KNEBELSBERGER, David W., and Jean A., West Jordan, girl.

PETERSON, Chad A., and Leslie A., South Jordan, girl.

PETTERSSON, Frederick W., and Loni, Salt Lake City, boy.

THORP, Devin and Gail G., Salt Lake City, boy.

FHP Birthing Suites-

FERTIG, David and Cheryl, West Valley City, girl.

JENSON, Carl and Deann, West Jordan, girl.

SNOW, Robert and Carolyn, Salt Lake City, boy.

WEST, Dan and Malinda, Salt Lake City, boy.

WHITTAKER, John and Lori, West Valley City, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

MATTSON, Matt and Sheri, boy.

RUSSELL, Thomas A., and Colleen, girl.

Jordan Valley Holy Cross Hospital-

ALLEN, Patrick and Helen, boy.

BAUM, Bill and Lisa, boy.

COCHRAN, Charles and Rosemary, boy.

CONTI, Ronald and April, girl.

CROFTS, Charles and Kimber, girl.

CRUMP, David and Julie, boy.

GOLDY, Gerald and Robyn, girl.

GRIFFITH, Robert and Melanie, Tooele, girl.

JONES, Michael and Diana, South Jordan, girl.

LDS Hospital-

AMES, Lynn and Rebecca, girl.

BARBER, Paul and Vicky, boy.

BATTY, Gary and Susan, boy.

BEAN, Tim and Julie, boy.

CONTRERAS, Alex and Hilda, boy.

FAGG, Dan and Clarice, girl.

GOWAN, Wallace E., and Laurie, boy.

JORDAN, Paul and Cindy, girl.

MILNE, Douglas and Susan, girl.

PARK, Timothy and Ruthann, boy.

VAN HARN, David and Lori, girl.

VICKERS, Mark and Deanne, girl.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

ALATINI, Chuck and Milika, West Valley City, girl.

BORDEN, Trent and Kathy, West Jordan, boy.

BOWEN, Joe and Judy, Salt Lake City, boy.

BRIGHT, David and Kathleen, Centerville, boy.

CHAPPELL, Sheri A., Kearns, girl.

DEFREITAS, Frederick and Tamala, Kearns, boy.

HAMILTON, Thomas and Rhonda, WEst Valley City, girl.

JENSEN, Bradford and Pamela, WEst Valley City, boy.

MANGUM, Ronald and Wendy, West Valley City, girl.

MCBRIDE, Scott and Lisa, West Valley City, girl.

NEFF, Michael and Sandy, WEst Valley City, boy.

NORMINE, Lamion and Sharon, West Valley City, boy.

O'SULLIVAN, Michael and Kathrine, Kearns, girl.

PECKHAM, Gerald and Katherine, Magna, girl.

PETERSON, Steve and Deanna, Kearns, girl.

SMITH, Terry and Gina, Kearns, girl.

University Medical Center-

BEGAY, Bruce and Marilyn, boy.

BUSSELL, Paul and Judith, boy.