More than 10,000 hippies known collectively as the Rainbow Family are expected to gather in a remote area of extreme northern Nevada next week.

The weeklong gathering will begin Saturday and will be held at Robinson Hole, a deep canyon in the Humboldt National Forest about 100 miles north of here.Forest Service officials said up to 1,000 members already have arrived at the canyon near the Nevada-Idaho border and anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 are expected next week.

The Rainbow Family is a loose-knit coalition of people from across the nation who espouse alternative lifestyles of the 1960s.

Each year for the past 17 years, members have chosen a national forest in a different state for their annual Fourth of July week gathering. They chose Nevada at their annual gathering in Angelina National Forest in eastern Texas last year.

While the Rainbow people plan to meditate and pray for peace, authorities are gearing up for potential problems that they say such a large gathering could cause.