Six Bountiful High graduates wove memories and hope for the future into a collage of expressions during commencement Friday night at the Bountiful-Woods Cross LDS Regional Center.

In a reader's theater graduates spoke about their first day at school, news of their lifetimes, serving others, school administrators and the future. The readers were elected from among top honors students to speak to the 376 graduates. The school names no valedictorian or salutatorian.In his short statements, David Thiriot told class members about the value of service and reaping what one sows. The good deeds of one can make up for the irresponsibility of many, he said.

"The law of the harvest states that we reap what we sow. The American way is to take responsibility for our own future, our own success. The freedom I have and the gift of some education, these have been given me by my parents and previous generations. For this I am thankful, and will show my thanks by working hard. I will remember the law of the harvest," Thiriot said.

Brian Adams poked fun at current fads, the first day in class after summer vacation and daily intercom announcements and complimented new principal Rulon Homer.

"I'm sure you can all remember the '70s and bellbottoms and '80s and shrink-to-fit Levis 501s. Now as we approach the '90s there seems to be a new trend of sunglasses. No, not for style or fashion, it is for the fluorescent clothes that have surfaced recently," Adams said.

Julie Howick told graduates it will no longer matter what they did or who they were in high school. What matters now is character.

"They'll care about who you are, your character, your personality. These are the attributes to take with you, and whatever you decide to do in life will depend solely on you and no one else," she said.

Stephanie Wilkins reminded the class of the events that colored their lives from the inception of Sesame Street the year they were born to the announcement that cold fusion has been discovered.

A sampling: "1985 - the space shuttle Challenger explodes after liftoff. Eighth grade. I got to be like cool, you know. I got to have Guess? jeans and a perm, to be cool that is. . . . "

Melissa Bean reminisced about her first day at school dressed in red polyester bell bottoms and the future now filled with college and careers.

"Anticipation for the last slam of the locker, last English seminar and the last `Don't you have somewhere to be?' from the administration. Common small things have united our thoughts which are now filled with the future," she said.

Cray Lyman peered into the past and said he never thought he would last through 12 years of school. He gave fellow graduates a glimpse into the future of "smart houses" that run themselves and cures for diabetes, multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Davis School Board Member Dan Eastman formally accepted the class. Eastman and Dean Penrod, district assistant superintendent, presented diplomas.