It looks like the city's Main Street beautification project, scheduled for completion next month, will be done just in time for the annual Fiesta Days celebration, which begins July 21.

The work, started in April, includes sprucing up Main Street, from Center Street to Fourth North, with flowers and trees."The project's objective is to improve the image of the community," City Administrator David Oyler said. "We think the beautification of a significant area of the city - in this case Main Street - is a step in the right direction."

He said the $160,000 project began a couple years ago when the City Council decided to improve the County Fairgrounds. Last year the council and Chamber of Commerce organized a beautification committee, which passed on recommendations to the city.

The project, scheduled for completion July 11, will complement the city's Fiesta Days events, Oyler said. "That was pretty much one of our objectives."

Work is on schedule, despite some minor problems with street repairs, said City Engineer Richard Heap.

"During the sidewalk replacement we had some problems with some old coal bins contained in the street," he said. "Those areas have been continually deteriorating and they began to create a safety hazard, so they probably needed to be replaced anyway."

The project also included replacing fragile water mains on the west side of Main Street.

"We had to replace all the old galvanized water service lines, although, contrary to popular belief, we didn't find that the wood piping was held together with rope - it was held together with heavy steel wiring," Heaps said.

Other projects included replacing street lights and burying existing utility lines. Funding for the improvements came from funds reallocated from previous beautification efforts.

"The council originally budgeted money for sidewalk replacement two years ago, so those funds are being used," Heaps said.

"Funds that were designated for Main Street tree trimming are going to this project and so is some money left with the state for waterline replacement. Additionally, our replacement of the old water fountains is being funded by money from the Safe Drinking Water Committee."

The project seems to be meeting its objectives, Heaps said. "It makes Main Street look nicer. We need to be proud of what we see. We didn't plan or anticipate on the improvements bringing in new business to Spanish Fork, we just want to be proud of our new Main Street."

He said the projects received mixed reviews at first, but "with the west side nearly completed, we've gotten a lot more favorable comments, now that they see what it really looks like."

Other beautification projects also are being considered.