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Jerold Judd, Garfield County School District superintendent, must be allowed to remain in the post until his contract expires at the end of the month, a 6th District Court judge has ruled.

Judge Don V. Tibbs said a restraining order preventing the school board from removing Judd, by placing him on administrative leave, will be extended until his contract runs out June 30.During a hearing last week, Judd said the board's action was contrary to law because it amounted to attempting to terminate the three-year veteran superintendent.

Tibbs said he agreed with Judd's claim termination would require a two-thirds board vote, when only three of the five board members during a May 11 special meeting approved putting Judd on administrative leave.

Judd earlier had obtained a temporary restraining order pending the hearing.

The superintendent's complaint asks for full reinstatement for the remainder of the contract period and punitive damages.

He says he was effectively being terminated because board members asked him to return his keys, district car, credit cards and files.

Judd's complaint also contended locks were changed on outside doors of the district headquarters, denying him access to his office.