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Ever wonder what nitwit at the newspaper placed that stupid story on the front page?

Ever wonder why the Deseret News took an editorial stand diametrically opposed to your own views?Ever wonder if newspaper editors are even remotely in touch with reality?

Sometimes readers view their newspaper as an unapproachable monolith run by nameless, faceless people who are remote and cloistered.

Really, we're not that way. We all have names and most of us have faces. Like everyone else, we have dogs and mortgages and teenagers who drive us nuts.

And we hope we make reasonably wise and intelligent decisions about what stories we cover, what editorials we write and how stories are played.

These decisions are not made in a vacuum. And we wish to open the process even more. We would like, in fact, to invite you to the meetings where these decisions are made.

That's right. We want to invite the general public to our editorial board and news planning meetings.

The first meeting begins at 6:30 a.m. when bleary-eyed editors get together for about 10 minutes to discuss the top stories of the day and decide which stories and photos will go on A1 and B1. Prior to that meeting (beginning at about 5 a.m.) the A1 editor, city editor and wire editor will have reviewed the stories available and they will come to the 6:30 a.m. meeting ready to make recommendations and decisions.

At 9:15 a.m., the editorial board meets, comprised of the publisher, managing editor, assistant managing editor, editorial writers and editorial cartoonist. Issues and news events are discussed with an eye toward what positions the Deseret News should take.

At 12:30 p.m., a news planning meeting is held with representatives of various departments to discuss and plan news coverage for the next day and several days ahead. The participants brainstorm story ideas and plan coverage of big events.

If you'd like to attend any of these meetings, you're welcome.

A caveat or two: These meetings are, for the most part, pretty darn boring. Administrative details take up some time and we don't often get into debates or have major disagreements.

The meetings are also conducted rather quickly. Everyone is busy and we try to get through our business with some dispatch.

If you decide to attend a meeting, you would be welcome to make comments and suggestions, but we would hope to avoid long speeches and dialogue that would monopolize the meetings. You have other avenues, like letters to the editor and guest columns, to present detailed material.

One more thing. So we know how many might be coming, we ask that you call my secretary at 237-2175 and tell her which meeting you wish to attend.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions for the Deseret News.