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Three Utah projects have been recognized for their contributions to increasing literacy.

Geneva Steel, Davis County Office of Employment and Training Literacy Project and Lifetime Products Inc. were recognized by Project Literacy U.S. for efforts to upgrade literacy in Utah. Awards were presented by the U.S. Labor Department Employment and Training Administration during a ceremony in Denver.Geneva Steel was commended for "building bridges between education and the business community in Utah County." The business has adopted Geneva Elementary School, contributing a computer learning center and donating volunteer time to classroom instruction, tutoring and career day activities.

The steel company also has created a school-to-work partnership with Utah Valley Community College and purchased learning equipment for deaf children in another local school.

The Davis office combines the resources of the Job Training Partnership and Vocational Education programs and Clearfield Job Corps Center to help students improve reading and math skills. Combining the programs increases the effectiveness of all three resources, Project Literacy officials said during an awards event in Colorado.

Anderson Clark, one of three founders of Project Literacy U.S., spoke, noting the need for increased literacy in America to compete successfully in the world market. He said that in 1851, 95 percent of Americans were literate while 67 percent of the English - who were America's primary competitors - could read and write.

Today, he said, 80 percent of Americans are literate, compared to 95 percent of their primary competition in Japan.