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Gunmen killed a leading witness in a robbery trial after shooting two of his friends while they waited for him to come home.

Investigators said Steve Curtis, 29, and Daniel Michael Smith, 38, arrived at Curtis' house late Tuesday and were met by at least two gunmen, who shot the two in the head after ordering them to lie on the living room floor.The gunmen ransacked the house and at one point made a telephone call and complained that "he" hadn't arrived, police said.

Frank James Magnuson, 22, who was Curtis' roommate, returned home some hours later and was killed as he walked toward the back door, police said.

The account of the events was provided by Curtis, who was shot in the head and arm but survived. He called police after the gunmen left the house and was placed under police guard after being treated for his wounds.

Magnuson was to have testified Wednesday in the kidnapping and robbery trial of Roger Lee Young, charged in a September 1988 attack on a waitress in a parking lot.