Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, arriving at court by silver limousine and greeted by relatives toting "Free Zsa Zsa" signs, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to slapping a policeman who stopped her for a traffic violation.

The hearing before Municipal Judge Charles G. Rubin took just a few minutes, and Gabor stood silent as attorney William T. Graysen entered her plea. She had plenty to say later.Rubin granted Gabor's request for an Aug. 2 pretrial hearing, and set her trial for Sept. 11. Graysen said he would try to prove arresting officer Paul Kramer has a history of abusive behavior toward celebrities.

Gabor was arrested June 14 after Kramer pulled over her Rolls-Royce Corniche for an expired registration. She drove off as Kramer was checking for other infractions, then slapped him when he got her to stop two blocks later.

She was charged with misdemeanor battery on a police officer, disobeying a police officer's orders, driving with an expired license, having an open container of alcohol in her car and having an expired registration.

Gabor showed up 10 minutes late for court Wednesday in the silver limo. She was met by her daughter, Francesca, and several nieces and nephews from Australia who held signs with her picture that said, "Free Zsa Zsa."

"The policeman is an empty-headed, gorgeous man," she told the flock of reporters on hand, then, in a stream of denunciations compared him to Nazi soldiers in her native Hungary.

"But the Nazis were smarter; they had the sense to mistreat women in private," said Gabor. "This man is a sadist. We had enough of this in communist Hungary and we don't need it here."

Gabor admitted she hit the officer but, she said, "I hit him for self-defense" because he threatened to break her arm. She said she still suffers pain in her wrists because she was handcuffed.