To the editor:

Park City Shakespeare is alive and well. Contrary to the beliefs of Joseph Walker and Ivan Lincoln (Deseret News, July 7), the Park City Shakespeare Festival is emerging victorious from conflicts with misguided actors.According to the article, actor John Heath claims PCS failed to meet "the salary schedule for the performers." The festival's only salary schedule is that the actors will receive one-third of the box office income.

If an actor fails to make it to opening night, he or she is not entitled to receive remuneration and the company is forced to absorb the bills the actor has accumulated.

Heath also said that "the actor playing Romeo fell through the stage . . . because the outdoor stage had been poorly constructed." First, the actor playing Romeo volunteered to be the set carpenter. Also, the stair that he stepped through had been designated as weak and the actors were warned to stay away from it.

What the article neglected to mention was the extent of damage caused by some of the actors. This included a non-memorized Romeo and John Heath. In addition, the five out-of-town actors who walked out left the festival with bills for a Deer Valley condominium and its cleaning after a last-night vendetta.

Through all this, we offered to the public "The Worlds of Shakespeare," a celebration of the love and music in Shakespeare's plays. The best-loved scenes of the Bard are presented in a light-hearted theme that could appeal to the "Bardaholic" as well as the first-time viewer. As to all the ruckus raised by the reporters: "Lord, what fools these mortals be!" (MidSum III,2,115).

Daniel Christensen

Actor, Park City Shakespeare Festival