A Murray woman told police she was forced at gunpoint into a van and raped Wednesday night.

The woman, 29, was walking south about 9 p.m. when a white van pulled up to her near 900 E. 400 South.A passenger opened the door, pointed a handgun at the woman and told her to get in the van, according to a Salt Lake police report.

The woman was forced to the floor of the van by the white assailant, who held the gun to her head.

One of the abductors then drove the van to an unknown location, where she was injected with what she believes to have been cocaine and forced to drink a "stale beer," after which she passed out.

After a while, she was awakened and forced to perform sex acts with one of the assailants. She was later thrown out of the van unconscious and awoke the next morning in a vacant yard near 2700 South and West Temple.