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Holy Cross Hospital

BUSHMAN, Marion and Sarah, boy.

CLAYTON, Daniel and Ellen, boy

CREBS, Kelly and Ramona, boy.

DAVIS, Cheryl, boy.

DICKERMAN, Todd and Barbara,boy.

DICKINSON, Carey L., girl.

FARIO, Michael and Michele, girl

FERGUSON, Lyle and Jeanine, girl.

FLORES, Raul and Rosario, boy.

GABBOTT, Geoff and Margo, boy.

HACKWELL, Vern and Sherri, boy.

HARPER, Scott and Roslyn, girl.

HIGLEY, John and Jan, boy.

HOLLEY, Jack and Beverly, girl.

HORNE, Kevin and Diane, boy.

HOWE, Curtis and Marlis, boy.

INAMA, Mark and Annette, girl

JONES, Raymond D. and Anne H.,girl.

MILLER, Daniel and Kelly, boy.

MORTENSEN, Kevin and Laurie,girl.

MORTENSEN, Phillip and Brenda, girl

ORME, Terry and Nancy, girl

REED, Michael and Marianne, girl.

ROBINSON, Michael and Diane,girl.

SOUKUP, Corwin and Debra, girl.

THOMSON, Tony and Robyn, boy

Lakeview Hospital-

ANDERSEN, L. Bill and Jill, girl, Salt Lake.

McKINNON, Vince and Kathy G.,Bountiful, boy.

RASMUSSEN, David Reed and Robyn W., Salt Lake, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BARAJAS, Javier and DELAGADO, Maria Guillerni, girl.

BARNETT, Curtis and Barbara,boy.

BEAZER, Jim and Julie, girl.

BURT, Eric and Karen, girl.

BUSICO, Joseph and Ann, twin boys.

CONNELLY, David and Amy, boy.

DIMICK, Joel and Joslyn, boy.

DIXON, Daniel and Barbara, girl.

DORADO, Guadalupe and Elvia,boy.

EDGAR, Gerald and Shauna, boy.

EDWARDS, Floyd and Diane, twins, boy and girl.

EVANS, Edmund and LouAnne,girl.

GAILEY, Fred and Faye, girl.

GORDON, Mark and Kathleen, boy.

HALLIDAY, Paul and Vicki, girl.

HAYS, Larry and Shonnie, girl.

HENRIE, Jed and Linda, boy.

HOCK, Michael and Eileen, boy.

HYTE, Randall and Katherine, boy.

JARMAN, Parry and Heather, girl.

KINDIG, Steven and Leann, girl.

KRAPO, Marty and Elaine, girl.

LEE, Jeffery and Joanne, boy.

LEZITT, Robert and Lisa, girl.

McCORMICK, Kelly and Cheryl, girl.

McGRATH, William and Rachel, boy.

PETERSON, Dal and Trudy, girl.

PETERSON, Ray and Kristi, girl.

POWERS, Robert and Carole, boy.

PREUER, Derlet G. and Trudie,girl.

RUSSAK, David and Ruth, girl.

SMITH, Dennis and Trisha, boy.

STUKENHOLTZ, Paul and Bonnie,boy.

TORGERSEN, David and Anita, boy.

TURLEY, Mark and Jena, boy.

VANDERHOOFT, Jan and Louise,girl.

VANLUNLUVANEE, Gary and Laurie, girl.