In a quiet show of support for Davis County Shefiff Hanry Jones' anti-flag burning sentiments, American Legion Post 87 has presented a new Old Glory to him.

Earlier this month, Jones received in the mail a singed, 6-by-4-inch American flag, to which a copy of the First Amendment was attached. The parcel was apparently sent in reaction to the sheriff's advocating that flag-abusers be horsewhipped.During a Wednesday ceremony, local American Legion officials gave Jones a new, unburned 5-by-8-foot flag.

Post Commander Bob Zamora said the idea came up in a post meeting and member Bill Trujillo put up the money for the flag. "We don't believe anybody has the right to destroy the flag," Zamora said.

"Our flag is not just another item of gadgetry," Jones said. "She is an honorable, dedicated lady of service and loyalty."

He questioned a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that burning the flag is protected under the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech and expression.

After accepting the flag, the sheriff signed an American Legion petition supporting a constitutional amendment outlawing flag burning.