"America's Most Wanted" has helped capture one of Utah's most wanted.

Less than a week after the popular Fox Network program aired a profile of convicted murderer Kendall Quinn Northern, he's behind bars in a Vancouver, British Columbia, jail awaiting extradition or deportation to the United States on escape charges, according to Robert M. Bryant, special agent in charge of the FBI's Salt Lake office and Gary W. DeLand, executive director, Utah Department of Corrections.Northern and an accomplice, Robert Alan Phillips, were convicted of the 1980 robbery and killing of Salt Lake cab driver, Everett Hamby, 33.

Northern, 26, was serving part of his life sentence in the Duchesne County Jail when he escaped Oct. 9. 1988, on a sheriff's motorcycle he had previously repaired for the department. Phillips is serving a life sentence at Utah State Prison.

Northern's arrest Friday followed a tip from an "America's Most Wanted" viewer. The viewer tipped off Canadian authorities that a man using the name John Wesley Hampton, who was being held on drug trafficking charges, was actually Northern. Fingerprint identification confirmed his identity, although Canadian officials said their prisoner is denying he's Northern.

Hamby picked up Northern and Phillips at Taco Bell, near 800 South on State Street. An hour and a half later, Hamby's body was found lying face down in the middle of the road near 900 South and 2700 West. The Salt Lake father of seven children had been shot three times at close range, and $26 was missing from his pocket.

"America's Most Wanted works. Corrections and the Salt Lake FBI are thrilled," said FBI Special Agent Tim Screen.