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The U.S. attorney's office has filed a felony complaint against Mark Burton Anderson, who was an assistant vice president of Zions First National Bank, charging him with embezzlement.

Anderson, address listed as 6952 South Pine Mountain Drive, was a public finance officer at the bank who "worked with cities, towns, municipalities and local governments on various projects and ventures requiring bank financing," the complaint says.It claims that in November 1984, Anderson opened a checking account at the bank in the name of Futures Holding Corp.

"At the conclusion of those ventures Mark Burton Anderson would receive the payment, usually in the form of a check from the public entity or a check from Zions First National Bank drawn on the escrow account (it) was maintaining for the public entity on that project or venture," the complaint says.

It alleges that Anderson would deposit the money into the Futures Holding Corp. account and "use the funds . . . for his personal and private use and Zions First National Bank would not receive the payment it was due."

The single count charges that on Oct. 18, 1985, Anderson embezzled $5,441.95.