Jurors in the federal trial of Robert S. Treff, accused of attempting to murder Internal Revenue Service district director Carol Fay, adjourned Friday afternoon without reaching a verdict.

U.S. District Judge Juan G. Bruciaga said jurors will return Saturday. The case went to the jury about 2 p.m. Friday.The home of Fay, Treff's former boss at the IRS, was bombed with a Molotov cocktail on Dec. 25, 1986. Earlier that day, Treff shot his wife, Jennifer, to death. He is serving a term of 20 years in Utah State Prison for that crime and for using a gun in the killing.

A witness in the federal trial said she heard Treff make a statement that sounded like a threat against Fay because he did not get a promotion in his IRS job.

Although Treff did not allow his attorney, K.C. Bennett, to put on an active defense, he did permit him to make a closing statement. In it Bennett stressed there was no evidence of an intent to kill, when firebombs were thrown at Fay's home.