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Los Angeles Raiders strong safety Stacey Toran was driving between 60 and 80 mph when his car hit a curb and flipped, a witness told police Tuesday.

Another witness earlier estimated that Toran's car was traveling 40-45 mph, which had been the police estimate. Toran was killed when he was thrown from his car about a block from his apartment late Aug. 5.Detective Robert Smith said the new witness, interviewed Tuesday morning, provided information that was consistent with Smith's own re-investigation of the accident scene Monday night.

Smith identified the witness only as one of three men who saw the crash from a park.

Toran's 1984 BMW flipped at the fringe of the park, which is within sight of Toran's apartment. A corner's report found that Toran's blood-alcohol level was .32, more than three times the legal limit.

The posted speed limit is 35 mph. Smith said the new witness estimated that Toran's car was traveling 60-80 mph when it hit the curb at the start of a gentle curve.

"This guy is really shook up," Smith said. "He had a big car come tumbling toward him and he saw a horrible accident. He wasn't too talkative the night of the accident."

Smith called the accident "severe." He said an uprooted tree had been knocked down as Toran's auto cartwheeled through the air and beyond it.

"His car hit that tree at about five, six feet off the ground," Smith said. "If you look at the tree, the lower portion is not damaged but the upper branches are ripped out."

The car continued rolling sideways, traveling more than 400 feet. Toran was ejected from the passenger's side when the windshield collapsed and his body thrown across a street, under a lamp post.