World chess champion Gary Kasparov has called for Soviet troops to withdraw from Azerbaijan. He said that President Mikhail Gorbachev should assume full responsibility for the ethnic violence there.

Kasparov, who is half-Armenian, half-Jewish and comes from the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, said there is serious risk of continued bloodshed.Kasparov fled from Baku on a specially chartered plane to Moscow with 60 other people, including most of his relatives.

"My departure was the stuff movies are made of," he told "El Paris," a Spanish newspaper in Madrid, in a telephone interview after traveling to Moscow.

"Some friends managed to send a chartered plane to Baku and I spirited away about 60 people, including most of my relatives. I saved their lives by a miracle."

Soviet troops later smashed their way into Baku, Reuters reported, following violent fighting between Azerbaijanis and Armenians. Moscow's military commander in the city said that at least 83 persons had died when the Soviet army moved in to enforce a state of emergency.

-HASTINGS - Soviet grandmaster Sergei Dolmatov won the prestigious Hastings Premier Tournament (England) after battling Boris Gulko, USA, to a draw in the final round Sunday.

Dolmatov played without a loss in the 14-round tournament, winning three games and drawing 11, for a score of 8 1/2.

Final standings:

Dolmatov, 8 1/2

Predrag Nikolic, Yugoslavia, 7 1/2

Gulko, 6 1/2

Keven Spraggett, Canada; Artur Yusupov, USSR; Murray Chandler, England; 6 1/2

Michael Adams, England; Jon Speelman, England; 6

-UTAH INVITATIONAL - The University of Utah's vice president and dean, Norman Gibbons, will speak at the opening ceremonies of the prestigious Invitational Championship Tournament Saturday, Jan. 27, at 9:30 a.m. in the Alumni Lounge of the Student Union.

The announcement was made by the University of Utah's Office of Student Affairs.

The tournament is by invitation to the highest ranked players by the United States Chess Federation (USCF). The group includes Utah masters and candidate masters.

The 10 players will play all the others in round-robin matches, meeting on five consecutive Saturdays.

The rounds will begin each Saturday at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. The final and championship round will be at 10 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 24.

Gibbons' opening remarks will precede the first round of play. Spectators are welcome, both at the opening events and to observe all rounds of play.

A public awards ceremony will also be held Feb. 24 honoring the top three competitors.

Student members of the Rowland Hall Chess Club will conduct the games on large boards so that spectators can follow every game. The tournament is under the general direction of David Lither, president of the University Chess Club.

-YOUNG WOODPUSHERS - The fourth annual Mountain View School chess tournament is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 17, in Park City. It is under the direction of Kerry Griffiths.

Registration will begin at 8 a.m. in the cafeteria. Rounds will run consecutively starting at 9 a.m. Awards will be given at approximately 4 p.m.

The entry fee is $3 for secondary students and $2 for elementary students.

The tournament will be a four-round, Swiss system in three sections: senior high, junior high and elementary.

The top-scoring four players in each school will be considered the school's team.

Time control for all sections has been set for "sudden death" in 60 minutes. Each player gets 30 minutes.

The tie-breaking systems, in order, will be: Solkoff, Median, SB, Cumulative and Kashdan.

Trophies for the Senior High Section will be: team, 1st rated, 1400 and up, 1200-1399, 1000-1199, under 1000, unrated, top girl, top individual.

Trophies will be awarded in the elementary for team, 1st, sixth grader, fifth, fourth, third, second, first and top individual.

Trophies for the Junior High section will be: team, 1400 and up, 1200-1399, 1000-1199, under 1000, unrated, top girl, top individual.

-CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SOLVERS! - Brian Harrow, Robert Tanner, Ken Frost, Charles Frost, Edwin O. Smith, Dean Thompson, Hal Harmon, Gene Wagstaff, Dr. Harold Rosenberg, Bud Parkin, George Morris, Michael Harsh, Jim Turner, William D. Rice, John N. Neilsen, Reed Adams, Kay Lundstrom, Justin Blair, David Kirk, William DeVroom, Brian Griffith, Ted Pathakis, Raeburn Kennard, Aaron Kennard, Ann Neil, Prof. Ardean Watts, Mark Stranger, Covert Copier, Ray Jackson, Wendell R. Hurst, Joan Nay, Paul R. Lindeman, Al Nicholas, Mel Puller, Hal Knight, Steve Peters, Lloyd Stirling and Glammin Cloward.