On New Year's Day, Lisa Moseley went to the neighborhood grocery store to get a box of baby wipes.

Six days later, she and her husband discovered two hypodermic needles inside.Salt Lake Police detectives are investigating whether the incident involves product tampering.

Moseley told police she went to Smith's Food King, 475 E. 6th Ave., about 9 p.m. Jan. 1 and bought a box of Diaparene brand baby wipes. Sunday afternoon, her husband discovered two needles syringes among the wipes.

Homicide/assaults Sgt. Chuck Cockayne said his squad will be looking into the case. "This is one of those things we don't get very often around here, but were going to get to the bottom of it very rapidly to see if it occurred at the company of if someone tampered with the product."

Smith's employees checked the remaining Diaparene products and found no evidence of tampering.