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State transportation engineers are evaluating the damage done to a highway overpass Monday morning when it was struck by the raised bed of a dump truck traveling north on U.S. 89 through Davis County.

The truck's bed struck the overpass at Burke Lane, just north of the I-15 and U.S. 89 interchange about 6:15 a.m., according to Utah Highway Patrol trooper John Mitchell.The Union Pacific Railroad truck was carrying a wheel and axle assembly from a train engine, which was dumped onto the highway, gouging out sections of pavement in the right lane, Mitchell said. UPRR officials at the scene told him the assembly weighs five tons, Mitchell said.

The truck driver unwittingly hit the handle inside the truck cab that elevates the dump body, Mitchell said. He became aware of it when the upraised bed struck the overpass.

The impact ripped the bed off the truck frame and dumped the wheel assembly onto the highway, Mitchell said. The truck leaked hydraulic fluid for about 400 yards down the highway and UDOT crews were called in to spread sand on the slick fluid.

Mitchell did not have an estimate of damages in the accident, pending an evaluation of the overpass. He said the truck is probably a total loss.

The driver was cited for operating an unsafe vehicle, Mitchell said. No injuries were reported.