City officials fear an auto parts store might want to dismantle a prime example of the original McDonald's restaurant chain and are pushing for monument status for the classic "Golden Arches."

"This is our most renowned landmark," said Mayor Roy Paul. "I believe that it has historical significance and don't want to see it destroyed."The restaurant in question was franchised in 1953 by the McDonald brothers themselves.

City officials fear the Pep Boys auto parts chain, the restaurant's landlord, will decline to renew the lease and tear down this fast-food relic that many say brings back memories sweeter than a strawberry shake.

The restaurant, one of about a dozen franchised in the early 1950s by Dick and Mac (yes, Mac) McDonald, has two giant arches and a 40-foot sign featuring Speedy the cook, Ronald's predecessor, winking in neon.

This city 10 miles southeast of Los Angeles has long had a soft spot for the McDonald's. The restaurant was even exempted from a sign ordinance.