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The first person to be convicted and sentenced to prison as a result of the insider-trading scandal on Wall Street in 1986, a Nobel laureate and a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System are among the speakers for this year's line-up at Utah State University's Partners in Business Seminars.

The College of Business-sponsored series begins its 21st year.Dennis Levine will speak at the Annual Human Resources Seminar, Oct. 24 and 25. His talk is also part of the USU student-sponsored Convocations Series.

Levine was a managing director of Drexel Burnham Lambert and engineered several of the decade's largest and most complex mergers. Since serving his prison term, he has become a leading spokesman on business ethics, white-collar crime and mergers and acquisitions.

Other speakers during the two-day Human Resources seminar include Wanda Lee, president of the Society for Human Resource Management; Edward Lawler, III, a professor of management and organization at the University of Southern California and author of 18 books, and George Fredrickson, former president of Eastern Washington University.

The 21st annual Banking Seminar will be held Nov. 14. Featured speaker will be Martha Seger, the longest serving member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. She was selected by Business Week magazine as one of the top 100 Corporate Women in America.

Arno Penzias, Nobel Prize winner in physics, will open the Management Information Systems Seminar Feb. 20. He is vice president of research for AT&T Bell Laboratories and author of "Ideas and Information: Managing in a High-tech World."

Michael Boskin, chairman of President Bush's Council of Economic Advisers, speaks on the second day of the seminar, Feb. 21. His teaching, research and government service have established him as one of the world's foremost economists.

The two-day Quality and Productivity Seminar is May 8 and 9.

Among the speakers are Willis Willoughby, Jr., director of product integrity for the U. S. Department of the Navy and a former director of reliability for the Apollo mission; Joji Arai, secretary general of the International Productivity Service and director of the Japan Productivity Center, and Carla O'Dell, coauthor of "American Business: A Two Minute Warning," and a consultant specializing in non-traditional compensation programs such as gain sharing and profit sharing.

Additional seminars during the academic year include the Real Estate Seminar on March 5, where discussion will center on techniques for success in residential and commercial real estate. On April 5, the World Trade Seminar will feature Richard Alberding, executive vice president of Hewlett Packard.

Each year a proceedings book is compiled from the seminars. The current book is titled "The Quality and Productivity Equation."

A new membership system has been set up for Partners in Business. Three levels are available.

Full partnerships include attendance at all seven seminars, 12 business-related workshops sponsored by the College of Business during the year, the annual proceedings book, and access to the program's video library. The annual fee is $395.

Limited partnerships provide attendance at any three seminars, the proceedings book, video-library access and a discount on all other Partners programs for a $325 annual fee.

An associate membership is available that provides for the proceedings book, access to the video library and a 50 percent discount on all programs. Annual fee is $175.