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When it comes to Church callings, Evans Doxey seems to be following in the footsteps of his father, Lawrence Doxey.

The clincher came last spring when Evans, 58, was ordained a patriarch in the Salt Lake Hunter Central Stake on March 11. He is serving with his father, Lawrence, 93, who was ordained a patriarch in November 1964 by President Joseph Fielding Smith.But Evans said, "I am not capable of following in his footsteps. I've felt uncomfortable because I have such respect for him. He's been a very good example."

Father and son live next door to each other in the Hunter area of West Valley City in Salt Lake County, southwest of Salt Lake City. Both men served as bishop of the Hunter 1st Ward. Evans also has served as president of the Salt Lake Hunter West and Salt Lake Hunter Central stakes.

"We are very close," Evans said. "We have done a lot of things together. He's had a farm, and I've helped him on the farm in addition to my employment. "I never anticipated serving together, but it's been a good thing," he said.

Since becoming a patriarch, Lawrence has given nearly 700 blessings.

He believes in spending time with his children and showing them by example "that they, too, can have the great blessings of the Lord and know that the gospel is true."

"It's been a great blessing to be patriarch. Be obedient to what the Lord says when He says to do it," he counseled. "That's the big thing."

Evans said his father "has always been a man of integrity and has always been looked upon as an example in the community. Most of the people have felt close to him and many have called him Grandfather."

Evans and his wife, Marlene, have five children. He is one of five children born to Lawrence and Ines Doxey.