There has been undeniable growth in the corporate support for the U.S. Ski Team during the last few years, but equally critical to the support of the 14 different teams in eight ski disciplines remains Jane and John Q. Public.

Without the generous financial support of thousands of individaul donors from acorss America, the USSt simmply wouldn't be able to operate.Altogether, the USSEF raises about $2.5 million a year through a wide variety of programs and projects that range from the Gold Team for contributors of $50,000 or more, to the Inner Circle for donors of $25,000 or more, to the Gold Pass that offers virtually unlimited skiing at 270 resorts nationwide, to special event fund raisers, to mail and telephone donations.

Join the U.S. Ski Team! The U.S. Ski Team needs you to help raise the funds necessary to our athletes' success in this year's World Cup competitions and in the 1992 Olympic Games. Pledge your support through a tax-deductible contribution to the U.S. Ski Educational Foundation, Box 100-s, Park City, Utah, 84060, or 1-800-USA-4SKI.