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In addition to R. Lee Allens' bid for re-election to the House of Representatives in District 1 and John P. Holmgren's bid for re-election to the State Senate in District 24, the majority of candidates in this year's election in Box Elder County are uncontested.

Those running unopposed are Monte R. Munns for county assessor, Jon J. Bunderson for county attorney, Carlla J. Secrist for county auditor-treasurer, Marie G. Korth for county recorder-clerk and Denton Beecher for county surveyor.The county commission "A" seat was decided in the primary race because Republican Allen L. Jensen defeated incumbent Republican Robert Valentine, and no other party filed for the position.

The two contested races are for the county commission "B" seat and Box Elder County sheriff.

Vying for the commission seat are Ru lon L. Smoot, James J. White and Chris Forsgren.

Garland blacksmith and Democrat James J. White is seeking re-election to the county commission. He has served as the commissioner in charge of nursing homes, which were both self-sustaining in 1989.

White is the president of the Utah Association of Counties, chairman of the Bear River Association of Government Investment Strategy Council and vice chairman of the Utah State Community Development Block Grant Policy Committee for the coming year.

"I have enjoyed working with the people of this county and would like to continue to do so because I'm concerned about many projects which are still in the planning stage, such as the recently constructed animal shelter," White said.

White and his wife, Zenna, are the parents of three daughters and one son and have 10 grandchildren.

Chris Forsgren, 41, of Corinne, is a self-employed businessman and chairman of the Independent Party for Box Elder County. He was active in forming the platform and constitution for the Independent Party.

"As far as I'm concerned (the Food Tax Initiative) is the only issue," Forsgren said. "It's not just a Food Tax Initiative. As I see it, it's a tax revolt; and it's nationwide."

Forsgren is concerned with environmental issues. "I don't want this county to become a hazardous waste dump for the nation."

Forsgren was born and raised in Box Elder County. He is a Vietnam veteran. He and his wife, Michelle, have two children.

Republican Rulon L. Smoot, 56, of Corinne, is employed by Corinne Crops and Cattle. He has served as president of the South Box Elder County Farm Bureau and on the Board of Directors of Utah State Farm Bureau Federation and affiliated companies.

"I feel one of the major problems of the county is water. We are now in the process of developing the Bear River water," Smoot said. "Having served in various leadership positions in the county and community, I have had the opportunity to influence the water policy, especially in the agricultural area."

"I have a real interest in making a good environment for the existing business and industries," he said.

Smoot was born and raised in Box Elder County. He and his wife, Donna, have three sons, one daughter, one foster daughter and nine grandchildren.

In the Box Elder County sheriff race, Brigham City Police Lieutenant ThomasB. Sneddon is challenging incumbent Sheriff Robert E. (Bob) Limb.

Democrat Sneddon, 53, of Brigham City has been in law enforcement for 32 years. "We need a more aggressive patrol in the county," Sneddon said. "The sheriff's office now has one man from midnight to eight in the morning. With a reassignment of men, you could have more patrol officers."

Sneddon said the sheriff's office has no juvenile program. "In 1989, no juveniles were arrested on alcohol violations and only one was arrested from January 1 to July 3 of this year. In 1986, juvenile alcohol arrests numbered 247 in Brigham City, 62 in Tremonton, eight in Willard, 400 in Cache County and only seven in Box Elder County."

He also says the sheriff should remain in the office to be available to the public and administer programs.

Sneddon and his wife, Gayda, have three children.

Republican Limb, 50, of Harper Ward is running for his fourth term in office.

"I have enjoyed law enforcement work, having been in it for 29 years, and find a great deal of satisfaction in meeting and dealing with the people of Box Elder County," Limb said. "We would like to continue the professional law enforcement that we have given in the past and continue the programs we now have."

During his tenure in office, Limb says, many new programs have been added. These programs include Neighborhood Watch programs in the rural areas, McGruff Safety, bicycle safety, "Officer Friendly" and victim-witness.

"We have also automated the sheriff's department to a fully computerized system, including areas of civil process, criminal investigation, personnel records, vehicle maintenance, jail and dispatch."

Sheriff Limb said another priority has been to further improve relations between his department and other law enforcement agencies.

Limb and his wife, Donna, have four children.