James J. Brophy, University of Utah vice president for research for the past decade, has announced his retirement from the U.

The U. Institutional Council was told Tuesday that Brophy, who has been a visible U. spokesman during the cold-fusion debate, will retire effective June 30, 1991, the same day that U. President Chase N. Peterson retires.Brophy, who is ill with cancer, is currently on a medical leave from the institution.

Since coming to Utah from the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he was academic vice president, Brophy has also been a professor of physics, professor of electrical engineering and adjunct professor of chemistry. He is the president of the U. Research Institute and U. Research Foundation.

During Brophy's tenure as vice president, the number of grants to U. researchers has doubled to $100.2 million this year. Student researchers received an additional $10 million in funding.