The 1991-1992 Church Almanac will be off the presses and available for purchase soon.

The newest almanac contains a close-up look at more than 100 countries or territories where the Church has members - including histories, membership and units, as well as other pertinent information.Expanded to 352 pages to include the new focus on countries, the almanac includes information on such areas as diverse as Botswana (Africa) to Greenland (North Atlantic), and from Niue (South Pacific) to St. Kitts (Caribbean). Some information on countries with a newer Church presence has never been published.

The new Church Almanac is published by the Deseret News and includes listings of: all General Authorities of this dispensation with extensive photos, stakes and missions, temples, statistics of the Church, chronological highlights from Church history, and news events of the past two years.

The book's revised, easy-to-find format makes it handy as a reference, and contains a wealth of information for those who may want to browse at their leisure.

Orders are being accepted by the Deseret News for the almanac, which, if received promptly, will be shipped in time for Christmas.

The almanac is being sold at the same price as the last edition. To order, send $7.50, which includes postage and handling, to Church Almanac, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110. Almanacs may also be purchased at the Deseret News offices for $6.