Ogden's school board president has sharp criticism for proposed legislation that would change the way members of the state school board are elected.

"What's proposed favors the wealthy, ones that have a great deal of influence on the system," said R. Brent Cherrington. "The average Joe is not in there, and I'm concerned about that."Cherrington made the remarks after Ogden school board members received copies of a draft bill expected to be introduced to the 1991 Legislature.

Currently, state school board members are elected from nine geographic districts statewide with any legal voter living in each district having the opportunity to file for that office.

The draft legislation proposes that local nominating committees in each district select five names of potential candidates. Those names would be forwarded to the governor, who would select two names to appear on the ballot.

Cherrington said if the proposal is implemented on the state level, it won't be long before it's imposed on local school districts.

However, District Superintendent Jim West said the legislation is not cast in concrete, and that it has a provision allowing candidates to file directly.