The Salt Lake International Airport has issued a reminder to plan ahead and arrive at the airport early because of weather, construction and increased traffic during the holidays.

"Travelers are urged to arrive at the gate 45 minutes to one hour before their scheduled departure time for domestic flights," a spokeswoman said. Travelers should call their airlines to confirm arrival and departure times before leaving for the airport, she said.Parking has become more complicated with the construction of a new parking terrace under way. Travelers should allow extra time to park in the short-term lot south of the main terminal and take a shuttle to either terminal's curbside. The shuttles pick up passengers at the far end of the baggage-claim areas at both terminals.

Airport officials also advise travelers not to bring a crowd. "Say your goodbyes before coming to the airport or say your hellos after you've left the airport. The fewer the better. It will help minimize traffic."