Mayors of Delta and Fillmore have asked that Millard county pick up the tab for law enforcement services in their cities, as is done in the smaller communities, but county commissioners are cool to the idea.

Commissioners are preparing next year's budget, and they told Fillmore Mayor Keith Gillins and Delta Mayor Don Dafoe that funding isn't available for the request. It appears that the county will already be nearly $2 million shy in revenue to cover 1991 budget requests of $9,296,875. Revenue is estimated at $7,590,220, so it is anticipated there will be some cuts in services.The mayors said they wanted to see if commissioners would be receptive to the idea, but Commission Chairman Mike Syler said he couldn't see how the commission could even consider such a request. It would require raising taxes, he said.

Both cities contract with the county for law enforcement coverage, Fillmore paying $85,000 a year for services between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. and Delta paying $170,000 for 24 hours of law enforcement protection. Syler said the cities were offered the same service level that is provided other communities when contracts were negotiated, but city councils in Fillmore and Delta concluded they wanted higher levels of service so they had to pay for it.

There is no guarantee to other communities and unincorporated areas as to what coverage they get from the sheriff's department. They get law enforcement service from deputies on a "call" basis when needed.

The mayors contend that because their cities are the largest in their parts of the county, they require more security and they pay for services that benefit other county residents. Delta, in west Millard, has a population of 3,500. Fillmore, in east Millard, has 2,000 residents.