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The government of Ghana will permit The Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter-day Saints to resume church activities in the northwestern African nation.

Bruce L. Olsen, managing director of the LDS Public Communications Department, expressed gratitude Friday on behalf of church leaders at the decision of the government.The decision was announced in an official government broadcast in the capital of Accra. The announcement expressed satisfaction that the church teaches members to honor the flag and promotes racial harmony.

Before public worship services begin, Olsen said, local church leadership will be reconstituted and church facilities, which were closed, will be inspected, cleaned and readied for the congregations. He said it appears that sacrament meetings will be conducted on Dec. 9, and the full schedule of Sunday meetings - priesthood, Relief Society, Primary, Young Women and Sunday school - will resume Dec. 16.

Missionary work and public meetings of the church had been banned in Ghana since June 14, 1989, but members were permitted to conduct worship services in their homes since that time.