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Stanislaw Tyminski, the defeated presidential contender, said Tuesday he needs to go home to Canada to gather evidence to defend himself against slander charges.

Meanwhile, the man who defeated the emigre businessman, President-elect Walesa, went to Poland's holiest Catholic shrine in Czestochowa on Tuesday to pay homage to the Black Madonna icon at the Jasna Gora monastery.Later, Walesa was returning to Warsaw to mull over his choice for prime minister. Walesa won a landslide victory over Tyminski in Sunday's presidential runoff election and is to be sworn in for a five-year term later this month.

There has been speculation that Tyminski, hounded by Poland's highly partisan press, could throw in the towel and return for good to Canada, where he lived many of the past 21 years after leaving Poland to seek his fortune.

"My duty and responsibility is to stay here because I received very strong support," Tyminski said at a news conference Tuesday. But he said he was unsure whether he would found an opposition political party.

A prosecutor in Nowy Sacz, in southern Poland, began a slander probe after Tyminski accused Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki of treason during a Nov. 17 campaign rally. The prosecutor's office in Warsaw said Monday that Tyminski had to stay in the country until Dec. 17.


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Walesas' 9th on way

Lech Walesa has had a lot of firsts - the latest being becoming Poland's first popularly elected president - but now it looks as if a No. 9 is in store.

Already the parents of eight, the 47-year-old Walesa and his wife, Danuta, 41, are reported to be expecting another child.

According to Monday's Sztandar Mlodych newspaper, Solidarity headquarters was abuzz Sunday night with more than word of Walesa's landslide victory.

The newspaper said that during the victory celebrations, "headquarters staff couldn't resist talking about children . . . the `first lady,' although it is not visible yet, is in the third month of her pregnancy."

The youngest of the Walesa children, Brygida, was born in 1985. The eldest, Bogdan, is 20 and was married in September.