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The 1990 fund-raising campaign for the United Way of the Greater Salt Lake area smashed previous records, collecting $6,015,000 in pledges, according to agency projections released Thursday.

The total was announced during a luncheon at the Salt Lake Hilton, where businesses, volunteers and member agencies were honored for their work on the campaign.While the final figure falls just short of the $6.1 million goal, it represents a 12.5 increase over last year, the largest increase in 14 years.

"The achievement of raising more than $6 million represents the third consecutive double-digit percentage increase in United Way fund raising within the Salt Lake area," said Frederick "Fritz" Reed, campaign chairman and vice president of Utah Power & Light.

"If we continue to link community needs to campaign goals," revenues will continue to rise, Reed said.

Almost 90 percent of the funds will be allocated by volunteer panels to more than 114 human service and health programs at non-profit agencies. The programs include anti-hunger, substance abuse treatment, shelter, care for the elderly and for children and others.

A small portion of the money will be used for emergency grants. Last year, the emergency fund provided relief to the AIDS Foundation and the Rape Crisis Center when they had need of one-time money. The fund also started a new Targeted Needs Fund, which directed money for community-identified needs that had to be met immediately.

Reed was presented a gift by Floyd A. Petersen, managing partner of Deloitte Touche and the UW board president. "You've done a good job of making me look bad," Peterson said, referring to the increase in contributions.

The program also included special recognition for the 27 men and women who had been "temporarily donated" to the campaign by their companies as "Loaned Executives." For 12 weeks they worked as full-time fund raisers for the United Way, while continuing to draw their salaries from their employers.

Companies received three categories of awards, based on five achievement standards. Six received the highest award, the Spirit of the Great Salt Lake Award: Federal Reserve Bank of Utah, IBM, Northwest Pipeline, United Parcel Service, Utah Power & Light and USAA Financial Services.

American Express, Amoco Oil, Arthur Anderson and Co., First Security Bank of Utah, Ford Bacon and David, Intermountain Health Care, Key Bank, Scott Machinery, Surety Life Insurance and Terra Tek received Summit Awards for meeting four of the standards.

Other awards were presented to 45 companies and 174 received award certificates.

Frank Layden, dressed as Santa Claus, summed up why he thinks it's important to be involved in the United Way.

Three men died and went to heaven. The first two said they'd been volunteers in the United Way campaign. St. Peter asked them to spell "love."

The third man admitted he had never volunteered with the United Way.

He had to spell "chrysanthemum."