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Hercules Inc. plans to launch another Delta II rocket into space in January, company officials told Gov. Norm Bangerter Monday.

Interviewed while in the governor's office prior to the appointment with the state chief executive, Jack McCord, vice president for operations, said the Delta II will be used to loft a new Navstar Global Positioning satellite into orbit. The Air Force's Navstar system allows users with portable computers and radios to quickly figure their exact longitude and latitude.In November, Hercules entered the commercial market for medium-sized space vehicles when the Delta II - a new generation of solid-booster rocket built by the company - lifted a Navstar satellite into orbit.

Hercules spokesman Dave Nicponski added that the company schedules briefings for the governor, usually on a quarterly basis. In the meetings, Hercules officials discuss business prospects and pending legislation.

Asked about Hercules' business opportunities, Nicponski said they are "not bad" and cited the Delta II.

On the topic of employee layoffs, he said the company is going through a review of profitability of the various operations, and this will continue through the first quarter of 1991. So far, no definite figures are available for the next round of layoffs.