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Washington Bullets General Manager John Nash concedes he is growing anxious about the lack of production out of Pervis Ellison, the 6-foot-10 shot-blocker who came to the team for a high price.

The Washington Bullets traded high-scoring guard Jeff Malone and a No. 2 draft choice during the off-season for Ellison, who represented the future for the Bullets.However, the future has yet to arrive and Nash acknowledges, "I'm impatient."

"Don't think I haven't felt like my neck's been in a noose," said Nash, whose Bullets head into their next game Wednesday at Indiana with a 7-15 record and in fifth place in the Atlantic Division.

Ellison, the second-year center who was the NBA's No. 1 player drafted in 1989 out of Louisville, is struggling this season. He averages 5 points and 5 rebounds a game. His shooting has been poor, 52 percent from the line and 38 percent from the floor.

"Pervis needs time," said Coach Wes Unseld, one of the game's most dominating big men in his days as a Bullet player. "He's going to have to dedicate some summers to his profession, the way (Bullet forward) Harvey Grant did."

Grant is second to Bernard King in team scoring, 17 points a game, and averages 7 rebounds a game.

"Pervis has a very high skill level," said Unseld. "He can play, but he doesn't know how to play.